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  • 2020/01/04 AARYAN JAISWAL

    My gamemax case side glass panel is broken and it under waranty

    We're afraid you'd re-order side glass panel as it is only warranty at by box open before assemble PC.
  • 2020/01/04 Kacper

    I have the gamemax draco case but my remote control does not seem to be affecting any fan colours or fan speeds. My motherboard does not have an RGB Header if that may be the problem.

    Please contact UK local support at gamemax.uk to settle it, thanks.
  • 2020/01/04 Siddhant Kumar Mishra

    Hello. I want to learn whether there is an availability of a glass side panel, extra, for Gamemax 6827. If it is available, where can I get, or can you transport that to Bhawanipatna, Odisha? Also, tell me is there an availability of pin expander as my motherboard can connect to 2 USB ports on the front panel, while I have 4 USB ports, and 2 of them are being unused.

    it is no avaliable glass side panel for 6827 model
  • 2020/01/04 Hatem Mahmoud

    Need to buy P8 to 2x Pcie(6+2) cable for GM-600 PSU. Is there a distributor in Saudi Arabia or an online store?

    There is not avaliable in KSA for this item yet, you may pre-order from the shop where you bought.
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