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  • 2018/12/08 Abdoh

    i have Elysium Black and want to replace the front panel fans, but i cant figure out how to open the front panel. i looked up the case manual on this website but its link is broken. so could you please provide instructions on how to open it?

    emailed you about deailes mauanl
  • 2018/12/08 Max Muenchow

    We got the model of moonlight.

    Thanks for your msg
  • 2018/12/06 Igor

    Hello. I wanted to buy a /gamemax m905 black/ case, but it is not available anywhere else. It looks like it was removed from production. Sadness. Excellent case on the reviews - it has everything I need! Some garbage is now doing, and normal things - no. Think about this.

    Thank you for msg, the website was by virus hacked, we're uploading all models asap, in completely
  • 2018/12/03 Rhys

    I bought a iceberg 240 cooling system and lost the manual. Don’t suppose I could have an email of a pdf copy please?

    Yes, we will email you it.