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  • 2019/01/04 Cohl

    Hello,I’ve recently just bought your 27 inch 144hz curved gaming monitor and am wondering as I’m new to all of this how I change the monitor to 144hz as it’s saying it’s only in 60hz thanks. Cohl

    It is to be use DP cable which included packages, link to your graphsic card (DP output port), the HDMI can't support 144hz. if you still have question, feel free to email us detailed image of your connection of the monitor.
  • 2019/01/04 Kieran

    Hey was looking at the game max expedition and was wondering a few things 1) does the case nees two top fans (would it effect my pc if i dont) 2) if yes should they be intakes or exhaust 3) is the included fan an intake or exhaust fan 4) how does the airflow for this case work (where does cool air enter as there are no slots for front fans)

    emailed you info, and airflow intake from hole of front metal panel, and exhaust by rear fans...there is also addtional 2xfan position for optional fix extra fans.
  • 2018/12/29 Oleg

    Hello, when in Ukraine will be on sale a new case Abyss TR?

    hi, it will be avaliable on Feb/2019 (Q 2 released there)
  • 2018/12/27 pete

    Hi there, just bought a new gamemax KG801. how do we get it working with a PS4? (with razor essentials mouse and multi usb input box) Cant find anything on the net.. Thanks Peter

    We will check with engineer,as the product is designed basis on PC only.