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  • 2018/12/08 Samuel Pineda

    Hi, i just bought the k901 mechanical keyboard and in the webpage it shows a lot of diferent backlight colors but i cant change the color. The qwerty line is always green, ASD, always red...etc, is there someway to make it all blue?? thanks

    Pls use FN+ arrow key, +,-,WIN,APP,Page down...combination, you will get different LED lighting method, there is manual in box or rear printined on box too
  • 2018/12/08 Jesusa

    Where to buy gamemax casing here in the philippines

    we will ask our partner in Philippines, to contact with you asap.
  • 2018/12/08 Maxwell Soller Jr

    hope we see your products here in the philippines... where can we buy in the ph?

    we have a partner there, we will email you contact info
  • 2018/12/08 Will

    I ordered a gamemax polaris case and the led controller doesn’t seem to work with the control system so I have no led lights, is there anything specific that I have to do for it to work?

    Pls check if you take off plastic cover of remote controller, and if controller is powerd (connector to PSU linked)