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G530 Features and Benefits

·Advance cooling system – can mount 6*120mm fans

·1 x Fan Control (High/off/Low) to achieve the balance between high performance and quiet computing

·Extra space behind motherboard tray for easy cable management

·Supports up to 15” (380 mm) extra long cards for high performance users

·Washable air filter for PSU and front intake to keep the system clean

·Tool-less 5.25” and HDD bays

·CPU cutout for easy CPU installation

·Easy access to the front and the top bezel for easy system maintenance

·Extra large feet to increase system stability

X5 chassis, 0.5mm Case in black,  Black Chassis inside 
USB3.0*1+USB2.0*1, HD_Audio Port, 
Handy Screw, Bays with Tool-less Kit
Fan ControllerX 1 Channel (FAST-SLOW)
Multi-media card-reader 
HDD Docking on the top 
Front panel :12cm  blue led fan *1
Side Panel: 12cm blue led fan *1 
Rear panel :12cm black fan *1 
L deisgn Transparent panel 

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