Abyss M908

RGB Fan:RGB Fan Controller and PWM Speed control
Top USB Port: 2*USB2.0 2*USB3.0 MIC/AUDIO
With Drive Bays: 5.25 *3+3.5*3+2.5*4
Expansion Slot:8
Front Fan: 2*120mm (Optional) Top Fan: 2*120mm (Optional) Rear Fan: 1*120mm (RBG fan included) Bottom Fan : 1*120mm M/B
Support:Support ATX, Micro ATX, EATX
Maximum CPU cooler height: Up to 165mm
Colors: Black Thickness: 0.8mm
Case Size: 510 x 232 x 526(L*W*H)mm
Carton Size: 568 x 286 x 597(L*W*H)mm

The main features of the  Abyss M908 infinity at a glance:


Impressive infinity mirror in the front
Configurable RGB LED lighting ( by side LED switch controller)
Full ATX tower chassis in black
Elegant sides big window
Convenient & fast:  2xUSB3.0+2xUSB2.0
For powerful hardware: EATX and ATX boards & ATX-PSUs up to 22 cm depth
GPU (s) up to 455 mm length & CPU cooler up to 165 mm height
Up to 5 fans & Radiator support up to 280 and 360 mm
Flexible drive options: 3x 3.5 / 2.5-inch & 4x 2.5-inch SSDs / HDDs
Infinity mirror with RGB LED lighting

With the remarkable midi tower, housing architect makes it clear that boredom does not match its products as much as standard to caseking. The most important adjustment feature is directly in the eye: an intelligently integrated infinity mirror at the front. This optical illusion is created by a glass front, consisting of an outer one-way mirror, which partially reflects light on its inner side and is partially transparent to the exterior, and a fully reflecting mirror inside, placed parallel behind it.

The light emitted by an RGB LED strip arranged in the gap around the walls around the walls is thus reflected back and forth between the two mirrors, whereby, with each reflection, a part of the light penetrates visibly outwards and ultimately produces the visual effect. The principle corresponds to the mirrors in police interrogations frequently shown in crime series and films. There is also an additional RGB LED strip behind the top cover of PSU.

The highlight of this lighting arsenal is its complete configurability with adjustable colors in the RGB kit buildt-in, and along with PWM function, to make slient and best cooling automatic and offers five color lighting effects as well, which allows an amazing lighting show to be arranged according to your own ideas.

Full ATX Tower | Mid-Tower | mATX Gaming

Technical details:
Form Factor: EATX,ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Expansion slots: 7
Color: Black
Material: Steel+ABS+Temp Glass front
I / O panel:
2x USB 3.0 (internal connection)
2x USB 2.0
1x each audio in / out
Dimensions: 210 x 470 x 365 mm (W x H x D)
Drive Shafts:
5x 3.5 / 2.5 inch (internal, in the HDD cage)
4x 2.5 inches (internal)
Power supply: 1x standard ATX (optional,bottom loaded)
Total fan optional:
2 or 3x 120 mm (front)
1x 120 mm RGB fan  (rear side)(Included)
2or3 x120 mm (front)
RGB LED strip on PSU cover (Inclueded)
Filter: Ground (magnetic, removable)
N.Weight: approx. 8.8 kg
G.Weight: approx. 10.2 kg
Maximum net length: 220 mm
Maximum graphics card length: 455 mm
Maximum graphics card height: 170 mm
Maximum CPU cooler height: 165 mm
Special feature: infinity mirror with RGB LED lighting

Full ATX Tower | Mid-Tower | mATX Gaming


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