StarLight is the latest ATX tower gaming case
it comes with an acrylic plastic transparent front panel and with an acrylic Side window making the more attractive.
The total 4x bright 15 Blue LED front and rear fans,give the case a unique style, whilst keeping the system cool. Also the front can support a 240mm radiator.
The I/O Ports are conveniently located at the top of the case, giving the user easier access and with an all-black interior
With safety in mind, the edges of the StarLight are all rolled to make sure there are no injuries whilst building the system.
The StarLight supports the following motherboard types: ATX, Micro ATX and Mini-ITX.黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_01.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_03.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_04.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_05.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_06.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_07.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_08.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_09.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_10.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_11.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_12.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_13.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_14.jpg黑色-15灯蓝色详情页中文_15.jpg

Full ATX Tower | Mid-Tower | mATX Gaming

Full ATX Tower | Mid-Tower | mATX Gaming


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