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GAMEMAX - Created for the ones who dare to win, the gamers who refuse to give up and the unstoppable. The unreasonable and relentless. The few who go against the grain and dream big. For those who know the adventure is out there and its for the taking. With over 10 years experience creating PC cases, PSU, peripherals, and hardware to provide gamers all over the world with the very best kit at an affordable price. GameMax had maintained the concept of a good product based on the environmental technology to design the products. Our team emphasizes the fundamental need of gamers, integrated with creativity and artistic beauty. Not only do we aim to set the bar for quality and practically, but also to go above and beyond in our designs, Innovation is at the heart of everything we do!

Brand Story

The America International Consumer Electronics Showing (CES) in 2010 at Star City Casino that is Las Vegas was starting, 2500 consumer electronics enterprises from all over the world took participate in the exhibition. TOM ZHANG, SOHOO chairman, met Louis Carter and David Zhong in the exhibition, kept in touch with them in mutual a close business communication and became good friends after years. 


    The cooperation of both sides, common promotion and establishing GAMEMAX brand and the market, Guangdong Sohoo Technology Co, LTD Company, with over 17 year will be responsible for GAMEMAX in China as factory base and global brand marketing manage. The GameMax North America team will be responsible for providing technology and design scheme. GameMax established a special technical and created team in Silicon Valley for provide marketing power.

Our design teams

Our design team consists of a group of passionate gamers with limitless creative ideas. The design team' s mission is to highlight the special aspects of each product, just like the distinctive characteristic in E-Sport. Each of our gaming products is designed with a patented special feature; never ceasing to break the limitations of traditional thinking, and revolutionize the eSports industry. GameMax aspires to offer its users a gaming experiences unparalleled to its predecessors. 

Defining Factor

GAMEMAX will redefine the Electronic Sports (eSports) landscape for gamers worldwide. Backed by international award-winning designers, innovative think tanks, and inspirational brand leaders, GameMax will be the next generation of Gaming Gear. GameMax with their signature weapons and bestowing upon the gaming peripherals, power, authority, and gaming supremacy.

GAMEMAX -- PC Hardware and Peripherals for Gamers, brand products of computer case and power supply mainly for computer game players, become a reliable best brand in IT gaming accessories provider in worldwide! BE READY, BE GAMMER!!

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